How Often Should a Gas Heater Be Serviced?

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Every year there’s a time when you turn off your heater and just forget about it until next winter. Now, before you get carried away, stop and think about whether you should actually book in a gas heater service.

A proactive approach to heating will help you beat the rush when others are scrambling for heater repairs in a few months’ time.

Whether you want to call it a spring clean or an end of winter heating service, there are plenty of good reasons to get in early!

How Often Should I Service my Gas Heater?

You should certainly think about servicing your gas heating at least every one or two years. This is so you can benefit from elite performance and energy efficiency.

The recommended time for a service is around May, right before winter sets in. However, you could certainly benefit from a spring clean for your heating. Why?

With a tick of approval from a licensed technician, you know the heater is safe for the summer shutdown. It’ll also be ready to go next year.

Having the comforting knowledge of a clean bill of health will leave you with less to worry about.

What’s Included in a Gas Heater Service?

When it comes to actually opening the door and inviting your local Upside Down technician in, what can you expect?

Each service will depend slightly on what your type of heater is. A gas wall heater will require different care to a space heater.

In a gas log fire you want to pay close attention to the pilot light and flue, while in a gas ducted heating unit, the filters, motor and vents are all incredibly important.

But, for example, a gas log fire service will include the likes of:

  • A full clean out, including the pilot light and thermocouple
  • Thermostat test
  • Flue inspection
  • Carbon monoxide testing and gas leak detection
  • A certificate of compliance
  • Gas pressure check

Carbon monoxide detection or gas leak testing is perhaps the most important part of any service. Any faults could prove deadly, in the worst case scenario.

The good news, however, is you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide while the heater is off. So once your visiting gas fitter has confirmed the heater’s safe, you will have no reason to worry.

Meanwhile, for natural gas, there is always a risk as your gas supply is continuous. But with the help of a technician, you can rest assured everything is secure throughout summer.

What are the Benefits of Routine Maintenance?

Gas Leak and Carbon Monoxide Risks are Decreased

Carbon monoxide is produced when gas burns inside your gas heater. It is dangerous due to the fact it has no smell and is invisible to the human eye.

As long as your heater is working in perfect order you should never have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or a gas leak.

Unfortunately, with age comes wear and tear which can leave you and perhaps your family in harm’s way.

That’s why a regular service will give a qualified gas fitter a chance to fully inspect your system. From the gas pipes to the flue, they’ll test each section to confirm it is safe and compliant.

An Upside Down technician will also be able to help out with the installation of a carbon monoxide detector, for year long protection.

Your Energy Bills Remain Low

Routine gas heater maintenance keeps your unit fresh and your energy bills low. For example, let’s say you have a gas ducted heater.

Blocked filters will slow down your system, impacting its efficiency. And with more power needed to heat your home, that’s wasted energy that could be saved. Even as a gas system, there are extra greenhouse gases being produced for the same amount of heat. You could certainly save on energy costs with a pristine heater.

All because the system hasn’t been cleaned recently. But one quick service will change that!

Your Heater Lasts Longer

This goes without saying. A gas heater which is properly maintained will last far longer than a system which receives no attention, collects dust, and is a health risk.

Help, What are the Signs I Need Gas Heater Repairs?

It’s hard to know if you definitely need a heating service now. Perhaps you can choose to wait until next year.

The most helpful tip is this – if you can’t remember the last time a technician visited for a service, call one now!

Other important signs you need a gas heater service are:

  • The pilot light goes out often
  • The actual pilot flame is not bright blue or looks sooty brown/yellow/red
  • Your heater shows physical signs of damage
  • Strange sounds have become common, including popping, banging or whistling
  • The heater turns off suddenly
  • You smell gas or have been feeling unwell for no reason

Will I Still Need a Service Next Winter?

If you service your heater in spring, should you still organise one ahead of next winter? The choice is yours!

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Last Edited on: 14th August 2020