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Need electrical services? Here at Upside Down, we provide a range of electrical services for all your needs. We're here to turn your frown Upside Down!


Switchboards play a vital role in your home’s power supply. They protect your home from hazardous electric damage by cutting the power when there is an overload.

Upside Down electricians are fully qualified and know how to uncover any switchboard mystery. They’re experts when it comes to repairs, replacement, servicing and switchboard installation.

Frequently used appliances demand additional power and can cause strain to older switchboards over time. A strained switchboard will always cause your safety switch to trip. If this keeps happening you want a licensed electrician immediately. A blown fuse is one thing, but a serious electrical fire is another emergency all together.

Our electricians can assess your switchboard issues and provide the best possible course of action. They can supply a range of switchboards and safety switches to suit your home’s characteristics and needs.


In this day and age, we rely on our devices more than ever, and we want to be able to use them with absolute ease.

Are you sick of looking for a powerpoint and finding they’re all full? Do you need more powerpoints to match the demand for phone charging and the latest appliances and devices?

Upside Down can help! Our electricians are the gurus of the powerpoint world, and they can provide:

  • Powerpoint testing
  • Powerpoint repairs
  • USB Powerpoint installation
  • Powerpoint installation
  • Powerpoint upgrades

Whatever the brand or the need, Upside Down works with all makes and models. From Clipsal powerpoints to Hager, Schneider Electric and HPM, we can supply, source and install them all.

Internet Connectors

Everybody needs internet connectors. Without the net your life would be turned Upside Down.

Other electricians specialise in the installation of Ethernet ports. A wired connection is always quicker than a wireless connection. If you are struggling to pick up the Wi-Fi signal in certain parts of your house, a data port may be the answer.

At Upside Down, our data point services also include

  • Upgrade of existing data points
  • Telephone sockets
  • Cable hubs

Have a question about our data point services? Contact us.

Electric Sockets

Upside Down specialises in the service, repair and installation of all electric sockets.

If you have a sparking plug socket or a broken dryer socket, we can help. In older homes, having one socket per powerpoint significantly limits your potential and convenience.

Our expert electricians can assess your property and install wall sockets to suit your needs.

From wall sockets with USB to remote control power outlets and recessed power outlets, we supply them all. No job is too large or too minor for our team of Upside Down experts around the nation. Some of our most popular electric socket services include:

  • Replacing damaged sockets
  • Upgrading single flush sockets to double
  • Installing outdoor power outlet
  • Installing wifi power plugs
  • And much, much more

Antenna Installation

Upside Down electricians operate 24 hours a day for all your antenna installation needs.

When you’ve lost your way and the TV signal drops out, who are you gonna call? Upside Down! From TV antenna installation to TV data point installation, we can provide the complete works when something goes wrong.

We can also relocate any TV points so you can rearrange the living room in the way you want – or add new outlets to the bedroom for a great escape from the kids!

Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to tackle all challenging antenna jobs, including roof access. Don’t put your body on the line, let them do the hard work so you can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

USB Powerpoints

The convenience of a USB powerpoint eliminates the need for a plug when you’re charging your device.

What more could you want? Installing a USB powerpoint will also free up your existing points for other devices. The best part about charging your device on a USB point is that it charges quicker than a traditional socket because the amperage is simply higher

Our electricians around the nation have the expertise to suggest the best USB powerpoint for your needs. They come in a variety of types. You can dedicate an entire powerpoint to USB outlets or you can have a combination of each. It really depends on your needs and usage requirements. We can also provide a range of colours and plates to create a uniform look throughout your home.

Outdoor Powerpoints

Think about all those outdoor tools that require outdoor power and exterior power points.

The last thing you want is the weather affecting your powerpoints. Luckily for you, our electricians can supply a range of weatherproof powerpoints to keep the rain out! It doesn’t matter what brand you are after, we can supply them all from the Clipsal Weatherproof GPO to the HPM Weatherproof powerpoint.

The most important thing to think about when it comes to an outdoor point is accessibility and most importantly, safe access to power. Outdoor powerpoints are built tough and our electricians can suggest the best one to withstand Australia’s harsh summers and winters.

Electrical Services FAQs

Electrical services is a pretty broad umbrella term, and a lot of things fall under this category. From powerpoints, antenna installation, all the way to switchboards, there’s a lot.

This might be a bit of a shock, but we do a lot of electrical work here at Upside Down. We like to think we can do it lightning fast as well. Not only that, but we think you’ll be ex-static to know we can do all these electrical services for a $0 deposit and with an interest free payment plan**!

Your powerpoints will last you a long time, but it’s unfair to expect them to last forever without a little TLC. After the 20 year mark, it’s worth keeping an eye on your powerpoints. When you start to notice these, it’s time to consider a replacement:

  • Cracks and damage on the outlet cover
  • Movement in the socket
  • Flickering lights or sparks when you plug something in

You’ve seen it on TV and in conspiracy theories, but does aluminium foil actually help to boost signals for your antenna? This might come as a surprise, but yes it does!

Wrapping aluminium around your antenna increases the surface area and conductivity. This means your TV will have a stronger signal, so you can enjoy a higher quality TV experience.

Your switchboard to your electricity is like the music conductor to an orchestra – the central hub that controls how electricity is distributed across the home. For this reason alone, you should always ensure your switchboard is well maintained and replace it when necessary.

It’s time to upgrade your switch board if you experience any of the following:

  • Flickering lights
  • Short-circuiting appliances
  • Rewireable fuses instead of circuit breakers
  • Wiring looks overcrowded
  • No safety switch
  • Fuse board backing panel contains asbestos
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