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Ballarat Air Conditioning

Upside Down Heating & Cooling Ballarat

To handle the extremes of Ballarat’s climate you want heating and cooling technicians who can fix, service and install any air con or heater. Upside Down is here for you.

Upside Down’s air conditioning experts will have your split system humming in no time. Our heating technicians will get your ducted heating churning out warm air in a jiffy.

If it’s general maintenance, routine service, repairs or installation, Upside Down knows the ins and outs. Our Ballarat air conditioning technicians have seen it all!

But why exactly should you pick Upside Down for heating and air conditioning in Ballarat? Well, we promise faster service within the hour* when possible. And while we let our actions do the talking with neat and tidy service on site, that’s not all.

With fixed prices you’ll always pay by the job, not by the hour*. That means no surprise fees after an evaporative cooler has been installed or your gas wall furnace repaired.

Upside Down customers enjoy the same rates any day, all day. Whether it’s Good Friday, Melbourne Cup or Thursday afternoon, it’s the same to us.

For your air conditioning and heating repairs, service or installation, Upside Down will get the job done.

Air Conditioning Ballarat Services

Ballarat is one of those Australian cities which gets the best of both worlds. Extreme heat in summer and some bracing winter days.

The contrast in seasons really puts your heating and cooling under serious pressure. That’s why it’s always best to be prepared. Regular maintenance will keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Hopefully it will prevent a major breakdown during a harsh January heatwave, too.

Our licensed Ballarat air conditioning technicians will be on the sidelines, ready to jump into the game when you need us. For services, repairs and installation, we’ll look after:

  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Evaporative air conditioning or evaporative cooling
  • Split systems or reverse cycle

Ballarat Heating Services

Gas heating is one of those things which needs to be looked after all year round.

It’s not enough to switch it on for winter, and once the warm weather returns ignore it for months on end. Staying safe means regular maintenance.

Our experienced Ballarat gas fitters can take care of anything and everything gas. And when it comes to a split system or hydronic heating, customers can call on Upside Down’s professional heating and cooling technicians.

When your heating loses its intensity, or you just want to book in a service, Upside Down is here all year long. We’ll take care of your:

  • Ducted heating
  • Split systems or reverse cycle
  • Space heaters
  • Gas log fires
  • Wall furnaces
  • Hydronic heating
  • Duct cleaning

Emergency Air Conditioning Technicians Ballarat

At Upside Down we know there are times when preparation goes out the window.

An old system could be working fine one day and the next is kaput. So, what do you do when there’s no time to waste and you need an experienced air con technician ASAP?

Call us! Our local heating and cooling professionals in Ballarat are always here for you. We’ll be ready for same day service on a 40°C afternoon or a 3°C morning.

Ducted cooling, a split system or gas log fire. It’s all a piece of cake for our emergency technicians in Ballarat.

Customers can enjoy 24/7 availability in Ballarat and no after-hours charges. That’s right, no after-hours price hike or fee! No matter what time you book a job, Upside Down charges fixed prices for heating and cooling repairs, maintenance and installation.

And when the situation has you in strife, we’ll provide faster service within the hour*.

There’s no need to worry about upfront expenses either. We know you can’t always set aside money for emergency expenses. Despite anyone’s best efforts it’s not always possible to plan for each and every emergency.

When something does go wrong, like a gas ducted heater springing a leak, Upside Down offers a range of interest free** payment plans for eligible customers. That way you don’t have to put off any work due you your finance. Instead Upside Down will work with you to create an achievable payment plan.

Local Heating and Cooling Experts

When Upside Down talks local, we mean it.

Our Ballarat air conditioning experts are your neighbours. And that equals personalised and reliable service.

Because our local technicians are connected to the suburbs they service, every job is treated with care and every home is left neat and tidy.

Not sure if we service your suburb? Just ask! Contact our call centre to check whether there is a local air con technician near you in Ballarat.

Why Choose Upside Down?

When you’re cold as ice, you really shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice your love… for heating.

Upside Down cares about all its customers, all year round. We’re willing to go the extra mile to fix your heating and cooling.

Upside Down is not a traditional 9 to 5 plumbing, electrical and air con organisation either. We stick to our claims and always follow through on promises made.

We’re prompt and when we can, you bet you’ll see us within the hour*. And you can always rely on our upfront, fixed prices. You can certainly rely on our Ballarat technicians for upholding high standards, too.

They’ll arrive on time, provide expert advice and promptly complete your air conditioning installation or gas wall furnace repair.

And you never have to worry about prices blowing out. With Upside Down there’s no vague estimates over the phone. Our prices are upfront and fixed, so you know exactly what to pay.

And if you’re ever concerned about making ends meet, Upside Down is here to look out for you. We can set up an interest free** payment plan that can be approved on site by our local, friendly technician.

For a personal service that will make you feel relaxed, Upside Down is here for all your heating and cooling needs.

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