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Roof Painting

Your friendly neighbourhood roof painter can be found at Upside Down. Contact us 24/7 for flexible roof painting with no weekend or after hours surcharge.

Professional Roof Painters

A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to breathe new life into the home, improving its street appeal at the same time. In addition, painting is considered cost effective compared to any number of other home renovations with both outdoor and interior walls typically suitable for a DIY paint job.

But what about roof painting?

The roof requires the same TLC as the rest of the house. Are you ready to scale the roof, give it a thorough clean before applying three coats of paint? DIY roof painting can be daunting if not inaccessible for some.

That's why Upside Down has professional roof painters in your area. We offer a wide range of roof restoration services and operate 24/7 with no after-hours surcharges. 

You can even apply our finance options** to the newly painted roof to receive services today and manage costs later.

Call Upside Down for all forms of roof painting today.

What Makes a Suitable Roof Paint?

Roof paint needs to be high quality. Unlike other building materials, a roof serves functions beyond structural support. And so a roof paint must aid with the following:

  • Sealing a roof
  • Mould resistance
  • Rainwater collection
  • Thermal resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Looking great

And now you're starting to see why your house roof deserves only the best. There are specially made paint products to serve these purposes and withstand the harsh Australian conditions. There are also different paint products depending on whether you have concrete roof tiles, terracotta tiles or the popular Colorbond roofs. 

Our roofers recommend three separate coats of paint. First, a primer coat specially made for roofing. This will help seal the surface, protect it from corrosion and provide a suitable foundation for what comes next. The second and third coat will be in your colour of choice. Occasionally one coating of colour is enough. However, brighter colours, including reds, really pop with two coats.

There are several reliable brands producing roof paint products. We can possibly work with your desired products or recommend materials suitable for your task.

So go pick up some swatches and then contact Upside Down to paint a roof in your choice of colour. Our roof painting services are second to none, and we'll upgrade your home with that desirable immaculate finish.

Interest Free** Roof Painting Cost

The first thing you'd be asking is how much does roof painting cost? We'll start with the paint. You don't want to skimp on quality here. Subpar or an incorrect type of paint could flake off, leaving your roof worse than it began. And so, the correct roof paints can post a few hundred dollars per 10 litres, potentially more.

Roof painters themselves charge depending on the roof size per square metre, access, roof height, type of roof and the condition of the existing roof.

For example, most roofs require a thorough high-pressure machine wash before any painting can commence. Those with mould or moss could require chemical cleaning, adding additional time and costs.

Just the painting part itself often carries prices of more than $2000, and additional roof painting costs vary depending on many factors. Contact Upside Down, and we'll send out a roofer to provide a fixed price quote for the work at hand.

We also partner with a selection of buy now pay later services so you can have roof tiles painted or receive a full roof restoration and manage repayments at a rate suited to your circumstances. That's a range of finance options** available through our finance providers (Zip or Humm) for eligible customers. You can select between weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on your choice of provider. Some plans even accept $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Your technician can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque, direct transfer and credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). Quality roof painting services are just a phone call away.

Roof Painter Near You

Upside Down is available around the clock for roof repairs, roof restoration, and, you guessed it, roof painting! Whatever the job, we'll complete it to the highest quality while always following safety requirements when working at heights. Contact us for quality service, expert advice and a wide range of benefits, including:

  • 24/7 services
  • No after-hours surcharges
  • Emergency service within the hour*
  • 12-month workmanship warranty
  • A range of finance options** for approved customers
  • Upfront fixed-price quotes
  • Local roof painters near you
  • $20 million public liability insurance

You shouldn't be ignoring damage, and why postpone roof painting when we have payment plans and roofers who can tailor their services to your schedule?

Contact Upside Down today or request a call back online.

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Roof Painting FAQ

Have you got questions about having your roof painted? We provide the answers here.

You can’t successfully paint terracotta roof tiles. Even the most durable paints do not bond successfully with terracotta. Typically the paint will peel and flake after six months for both glazed and unglazed terracotta tiles. Instead, a thorough clean is recommended for roof restoration.

Even the toughest metal roof will fade after years of exposure to the sun. Your metal roof can be painted so that it looks brand new again. A roofing expert from Upside Down will scrape away the existing paint, rust and debris before pressure cleaning and repainting the roof in the colour of your choice, using an airless spray gun. The result will give your roof a new life.

Painting a roof is mostly about revitalising your house. While secondary benefits such as heat deflection are helpful, it will not help with leaks. Therefore, restoration and repairs may be required to ensure there is no ongoing roof damage. Metal roofs can rust, while flashing and mortar degrades over time. These are key elements that must be repaired and restored prior to any painting. A fresh coat of paint is the finishing touch, rather than a solution for any damage.

If necessary, solar panels can be removed to paint the roof underneath them. Upside Down’s roof painters will always look after your roof, meticulously painting around any existing features like skylights and solar panels. If needed, our roof painters can cut in around solar panels for a detailed finish.
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Upside Down is located throughout Australia. You’ll find our expert tradespeople operating in capital cities and major metropolitan areas. Call now to find out more.

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