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Surge Protection

If you need a surge protector installed, then contact us today. With the help of our licensed electricians, Upside Down can have a home surge protector installed in no time!

Whole House Surge Protection

Electricity consumption is rising. Australian homes are continuously running numerous electrical devices including televisions, computers, air conditioners, and a whole range of sensitive electronics that can fall prey to internal power surges.

Even if a device is in standby mode, it's still connected to the power grid. Connected devices can be affected by power surges and power outages even when they’re not in use.

This electricity increase is known as transient voltage, but is commonly referred to as one of the following:

  • Power spikes - an increase in voltage that lasts less than two nanoseconds
  • Power surges - an increase in voltage that lasts for 2 nanoseconds or longer, often lower voltage but far more dangerous for equipment

The duration of a power surge means the connected appliances are overwhelmed with excessive power for longer, which can do significantly more damage to components in electrical devices. A power surge can burn out filaments, break circuit boards, or even start fires.

That’s why you need surge protection.

Whole house surge protection keeps your electrical systems safe in the event of a direct lightning strike, downed power lines, or other massive power surges.

Contact the licensed electricians at Upside Down to enhance your home’s protection against these worst case scenarios.

With 24/7 availability, we can send a professional to your house at a time that suits you.

What is a Switchboard Surge Protector?

Electrical surges are unpredictable and can occur at any time. So, you need a solution that provides protection at all times. That's where a surge protector installed by one of our techs becomes important.

A power board or power strip only provides very basic protection for a few individual plug in devices. However, a switchboard is a whole house surge protector that can keep all electrical appliances safe, as well as more advanced systems and electronic devices that are wired directly to the mains power.

Switchboard surge protectors help protect the sensitive and expensive electrical appliances in your home against lightning strikes, downed power lines, and other devastating external voltage surges.

A switchboard, or whole house surge protector will generally be installed in one of two locations:

  • A metre based surge protection device can be fitted outside of your home's electrical metre
  • Panel based surge protectors are installed inside the home's main breaker panel

If you're wondering which one you need, then fear not! Your friendly Upside Down electrician will be able to help determine the best surge protector and its ideal location within your home.

Installation of House Surge Protectors

In Australia, all electrical work must be conducted by a qualified and fully licensed electrician such as those at Upside Down. Due to the increasingly complex nature of electrical wiring in modern homes, it's more important than ever to get professional help with the installation of surge protectors so your electrical goods are protected.

Even homes powered by solar energy aren't safe from the threat of power surges. With so many devices connected, there is always a risk for internal power surges caused by devices being turned on or off, malfunctioning, or being damaged.

An appropriately trained and licensed electrician will ensure your home surge protectors are installed safely and comply with Australian building standards. Upon completion of a job, electricians will also provide a certificate of compliance.

With 24/7 availability and same prices after hours and on weekends, there's no reason to leave your precious electrical goods at risk!

Professional Surge Protection Services

If your home doesn't have a whole house surge protector, call Upside Down today. We can have a professional electrician on site for house surge protector installation within the day*.

We pride ourselves on providing you not only with the professional electrician, but a great service that'll make you smile. Upside Down offers:

  • 24/7 availability, all year round
  • Same day service guarantee*
  • Service within the hour upon request*
  • $0 deposit, interest free repayment plans**
  • Fixed rates and upfront pricing
  • Fully qualified and licensed electricians
  • 12 month workmanship warranty

What are you waiting for? Protect your Call Upside Down about installing a whole house surge protection device today.

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