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Interest Free** Payment Plans

Upside Down offers flexible interest free** payment plans, some with no deposit required, to all approved customers.


There’s no need to delay your important household repairs. It could be emergency plumbing like a burst pipe or a routine air conditioner service. Whatever the job, Upside Down offers interest free** payment plans for ultimate customer satisfaction.

If it’s a potentially dangerous situation, there is no way you should have to wait for crucial work. Our customers can be approved for a payment plan while on site. Each plumber, electrician or technician can talk you through the steps to ensure everything that needs to happen, will happen.

Upside Down’s interest free** payment plans are available through providers Humm and Zip. There are convenient weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayment options available, so you can decide in good time what the best option is for you. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so there’s no upfront cost.

Pay Later, Enjoy Quality Services Now

Offering fast approval on the spot, you can enjoy Upside Down’s high-quality services straight away. We won’t leave you waiting in the dark when the power’s out, or treading water in a flooded bathroom.

All of our technicians arrive ready to go with their iPad and tools, so you can ask them about our interest free** payment plans.

Additionally, our Quality Assurance Guarantee means you always receive the best work. That means you can enjoy our:

  • Faster Service within the hour*
  • Same rates any day, all day
  • Payment by the job, not by the hour
  • 24/7 availability – including public holidays
  • Fully licensed and certified plumbers, electricians and heating and cooling technicians
  • Interest free** payment plans
  • 12-month comprehensive warranty on all jobs

Who are the Payment Plan Providers?

Upside Down is partnered with Buy Now, Pay Later providers Humm and Zip to offer convenient interest-free payment plans**.


With Humm, the options are endless. For payments $2000 or below you can choose between five or 10 fortnightly repayments. As the budget increases so do your options, with repayment plan choices starting at 6 months, all the way up to 60 months. The best part of Humm is the fact there’s no interest ever.


Zip offers a wide range of plans for any and every job. Once you’ve been approved, you can enjoy fast completion of any job! With regular, monthly repayments you will be able to plan ahead and always feel in control of your budget.

How Can I Apply?

Securing a payment plan is pretty easy, actually. Just ask your technician when they arrive, and they’ll take you through the application process. In minutes you’ll be good to go.

Can I Choose When I Pay?

Yes! Upside Down customers can choose either weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. It’s what works best for you.

What Happens When I’m Approved?

Once your application has been approved, we begin work. So, grab a drink and take a seat, as we fix up whatever has gone wrong.

Find Out More About Our Interest Free** Providers

Each of our Buy Now, Pay Later finance partners works a little differently. To learn more about each, read our FAQ section below.

Humm provides flexibility and convenience with repayment schedules that can range from 5 or 10 fortnights for purchases up to $2000, to up to 60 months for plans more than $2000 and up to $30,000. Find out more here about Humm’s ‘buy now, pay later’ plans.

Zip provides two payment options; Zip Pay, which is for amounts up to $1000, and Zip Money for amounts that exceed $1000. Zip Pay plans are always interest free, while Zip Money payment options come with a three-month interest free period. Click here for more information about Zip payment plans.
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