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Electric Hot Water System

Upside Down is your home of licensed and experienced hot water plumbers. We'll have your electric hot water system working with optimal reliability and functionality when it breaks down.

Dependable Electric Hot Water Systems

Turning on the tap in the shower or kitchen and receiving a constant supply of hot running water from our electric hot water system is something that many of us take for granted. That is, until that hot water stops running. 

If you’ve felt the hot water suddenly turn cold in the middle of your morning shower, your electric hot water system may be in need of a repair or even replacement. Or perhaps you’re trying to fill the kitchen sink with hot water and it’s coming out a murky brown. A service and clean is well overdue.

Whatever the task, Upside Down offers highly qualified and experienced plumbers to get your electric hot water service working at its very best. From maintenance and repair services to new installations and complete replacements, we can do it all.

Our plumbers and electricians are ready. We can often be on site within the hour* for emergency hot water repairs or late night installations. And with no additional after hours expenses you can rest assured that you'll have running hot water when you truly need it the most.

Expert Electric Hot Water Maintenance and Servicing

Though electricity costs keep increasing and many homeowners look towards alternative options such as gas or solar for continuous hot water, electric systems still feature in many homes across Australia. Upside Down plumbers offer a wealth of skill and experience in electric hot water system servicing and repairs, as well as completing new and replacement installations.

No matter what brand of system you have in your home, from AquaMax to Rheem and everything in between, your Upside Down plumber can diagnose and repair a wide range of problems including:

  • Leaking water tanks
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve is stuck or faulty
  • Water pressure is erratic
  • System is overheating
  • Bolts in the heating element have loosened
  • And much more

We look at all types of electric hot water services regardless of make, model and age, so speak to an Upside Down plumbing professional today.

For 24/7 Urgent Repairs, Trust Upside Down

As well as providing expert service and advice on a comprehensive range of brands, Upside Down offers numerous additional reasons to choose us for your essential electric hot water system maintenance and repair needs:

  • All of our plumbers are fully licensed and accredited, and undergo frequent training to ensure their skills and knowledge remain current and ahead of the curve
  • We can come to you any time of the day or night with 24/7 availability, 365 days a year
  • We offer a range of interest free** payment options
  • Need an urgent plumber? We’ll aim to be at your door within an hour* of your call
  • You won’t be hit with extra charges for needing an emergency plumber out of hours, weekend or on a public holiday
  • All work is covered by our 12-month workmanship warranty 

Upon completion of the work, your plumber will provide a certificate of compliance that shows an appropriately licensed professional has serviced your electric hot water system. Prices are fixed as part of our upfront, transparent quote, so you pay by the job, not by the hour.

Interest Free** Electric Water Heater Solutions

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of our flexible, interest free** payment options that give eligible customers the option to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Choose a plan with one of our providers, Zip or Humm. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so there's no upfront cost.

Your Upside Down plumber can assist with the application process and approval for most customers takes just a few minutes. 

Our interest free** payment options can be used on all services, including the installation of an electric storage tank, or repairs. Maybe it's a sacrificial anode replacement or a clean and service. Whatever the job, Upside Down will get it done.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Avoid the shock and inconvenience of a shower that suddenly goes cold, or a kitchen hot water tap that won’t come through with the hot water.

Book an Upside Down plumber today for trusted and experienced electric hot water system service, maintenance or installation. Contact us online or call now. With service areas across Australia, there’s almost certainly an Upside Down plumber near you!

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Electric Hot Water Systems FAQ

Do you have any questions about electric hot water systems? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

The simple answer is yes. In a household of 3-4 people you can attribute about $1000 from your yearly electricity bill to hot water. In comparison, the running costs from natural gas are about a third of the price while solar is even cheaper. However, you can save money by using hot water during off-peak tariff times.  A heat pump is a cost-effective electric option, using warm air to create hot water. It works best in warmer climates and is slightly noisier to run.

If your electric hot water heater is not producing hot water, it could be that one of the electrical elements needs to be replaced. While electric hot water heaters require less maintenance and do not break down as frequently as gas hot water heaters, it is possible for heating elements to malfunction. If in doubt, call a plumbing expert from Upside Down.

Yes you can. If you use solar panels already then your hot water system is likely benefiting from solar power right now. It can be a drain on your solar output, however. If you’re looking to make the switch, a specific solar hot water system would be a stronger option than hooking up an ageing electric unit.  A new model comes with specific panels which are dedicated to powering your heater.

There could be several reasons why water from your electric hot water system smells.
  • A burning smell can be caused by a build-up of dust, surrounding insulation/rubber or an electrical fault.
  • A sulphur-like odour in the hot water itself would be the result of bacteria in the water and may well be paired with discolouration.
If there are any signs that something is wrong with your electric hot water system, don’t hesitate to call an Upside Down plumber today.
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Upside Down is located throughout Australia. You’ll find our expert tradespeople operating in capital cities and major metropolitan areas. Call now to find out more.

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