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Leaking Taps

The drip, drip, drip of leaking taps would get on anyone’s nerves. Avoid the nightmare and book Upside Down for your tap repairs, we're available 24/7.

It's Time to Fix Your Annoying Leaking Tap

The drip, drip, drip of a leaking tap would get on anyone’s nerves. Not only does the dripping get into your brain but it’s a costly waste of valuable water.

Up to 20,000 litres of water per year can be wasted by a dripping tap, which can happen in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom. Think about the extra charges on your water bills. Replacing or repairing a tap will quickly solve the problem.

Upside Down is your home of local experts for a wide range of leaking tap repairs and tapware services. We will repair or replace any bathroom sink tap, shower tap or laundry faucet. Perhaps you want to upgrade to a kitchen mixer tap? It's done!

Our team is here to turn your dripping tap nightmare into a dream scenario.  There’s no need for a dripping tap to disturb your relaxation or to keep you up at night.

Upside Down’s fully qualified and certified plumbers offer faster service within the hour* all day, and on any day of the year. Call now to enjoy the same great rates and premium customer service.

Why is My Tap Dripping?

The reasons for a dripping tap can often be simple, or could be symptoms of deeper problems within your plumbing. It's always worth investigating as you do not want to be caught out by nasty plumbing problems.

Quite often the most common cause of a leaking tap is a worn out or incorrectly installed washer.

Other reasons for leaking taps include:

  • Loose O-ring
  • Worn seal
  • Corrosion of the valve seat
  • Loose parts
  • Broken pipes
  • The age of your tapware
  • The water pressure is too high

Upside Down technicians can correctly identify the cause of the problem. They can install a new washer, replace the O-rings or re-seat and re-grease the spindle threads.

But if your tapware is beyond repair due to damage or age, your Upside Down professional will have a range of modern tapware for you to choose from. It can be quickly installed and will not only fix the problem but also give your bathroom, kitchen or laundry a new look.

Professional Tap Repairs

Repairing or replacing a leaking tap can be more complex than most people might think. The leak could even be coming from underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink.

With so many parts and connections, it can quickly become overwhelming for the non-professional. Thankfully, Upside Down’s fully qualified plumbers are only a phone call away and will ensure your taps run perfectly.

Our technicians can transform your bathroom, kitchen or laundry with a whole new look, carrying a range of tap sets that includes:

  • Basin or sink mixer taps
  • Bath or shower mixers
  • Pull out/pull down or swivel sink mixers
  • Twinner basin mixers
  • Cross basin or wall basin tap sets
  • Basin/bath or shower tap sets
  • Freestanding bath fillers

Interest Free** Repairs for Leaking Taps

There’s no need to wait when it comes to fixing that annoying, costly leaking tap. You can say goodbye to the drip, drip, drip, and wave hello to a brand-new set of tapware!

Upside Down will help you every step of the way, from simple repairs to the installation of new fixtures and fittings. And for your convenience, we offer eligible customers a range of interest free** payment plans through providers Zip or Humm.

Our plumbing professionals can walk you through the simple application steps and approval usually only takes minutes. It means there's no need to delay any plumbing repairs. You can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, to ensure your leaking tap is a piece of history. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque and credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Then you can enjoy Upside Down’s high-quality services straight away and silence those leaking taps. To learn more, call now, or book online.

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Leaking Taps FAQ

It’s always a good time to say goodbye to your leaking tap with professional repairs.

One of the most common causes of a leaking tap is a worn out washer or O-ring. This is quite common on pillar taps that are constantly twisted on and off. Other leading causes include valve seat corrosion, loose fittings, incorrect tap installation or even high water pressure. If you have a mixer tap there are no internal washers and a damaged cartridge is likely the cause of dripping water.

If you’re looking to fix a leaking tap yourself, first turn off the water supply. If it’s a traditional 3-piece fixture you remove the tap cover and unscrew the fixture. With clear access to the tap washer, remove it and clean out any debris in the tap body/tap seat. Place in a new washer of the same size and then screw everything back together.

If your tap continues to drip after replacing the washer, it was either installed incorrectly or it was not the cause of the leak. Most likely the valve seat is worn out. Therefore, a full replacement may be the best option and a licensed plumber will be required.

Yes, it is possible to repair your leaking mixer tap. Mixer taps feature a durable ceramic cartridge that can be replaced with the help of tools such as an Allen key, screwdriver, adjustable spanner and pipe wrench. Meanwhile, you must have the correct replacement cartridge, and can consult with a manufacturer to ensure you do. If you have any concerns with tap repairs, contact a licensed plumber.
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