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9 Things you Should Never Put Down your Kitchen Sink

9 Things you Should Never Put Down your Kitchen Sink

The saying "everything but the kitchen sink" does not apply to your home's kitchen sink and what should go down the drain.

A Brief History of the Thunderbox Toilet

Nestled among the early days of toilet evolution was the thunderbox toilet. It was the standard and the first true step towards toilets as we know them today.

Electrical wires coming out of a wall.

Get the Facts: Home Rewiring

Have you ever thought about having your home rewired? If you have, we can tell you what you need to look out for to make up your mind.

LED lights hanging in a random pattern.

7 Benefits of LED Lights

Upside Down is de-lighted to let you in on the top 7 advantages of LED lighting.

How Often Should a Gas Heater Be Serviced

How Often Should a Gas Heater Be Serviced?

Before you turn the gas heater off for summer, stop and think about the benefits or a spring clean services. Not sure what they are? Keep reading!

A Guide to Severely Blocked Toilets

A Guide to Severely Blocked Toilets

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. The sun’s shining and you’re ready for a quiet brunch, or maybe a hike in the hills. What you’re not ready for is a blocked toilet.

Upside Down's COVID-19 Response

As an essential service, Upside Down takes COVID-19 seriously. The safety of our staff and customers is incredibly important.

Enjoy a hot water system

What's the Best Hot Water System?

Hot water on the way out? Need a new hot water system but don't know which one? Read on to discover the ins and outs of every hot water option.

Chairs in front of a gas log fire

What is the Best Heating for Your Home?

Are you thinking about a new heater for the home? Allow Upside Down to help as we go into detail for the main types of heating you should consider.

An un blocked drain with water flowing into it

How To Deal With Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a genuine nuisance. But clearing them out is a job that has to be done right. Otherwise it keeps happening, and that's not a fun mess.

All you need to know about smart lighting

All You Need to Know About Smart Lighting

Find out everything you need to know about smart lighting in our latest Upside Down blog. Smart lights are the perfect way to try out a smart home without forking out the big bucks.

Only a licensed electrician can ensure electrical safety in the home.

Electrical Safety: Know Your Switchboard

There are fuses, circuit breakers and RCD safety switches. Which is which and how do they provide electrical safety in the home?