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Bathroom repairs, service, maintenance or installation - our certified plumbers will stop any disaster with a range of bathroom plumbing services.


Luxurious, hygienic, environmentally friendly. Bidets are growing in popularity in Australia, and we’re proud to say g’day to any bidet for installation, servicing or repair. We even provide our own range for you to choose from for installation as well.

If you’re unfamiliar with a bidet toilet, the bidet sprays water to clean down there. As a result, it takes away the need for toilet paper and wiping. It also provides a more soothing and environmentally friendly experience compared to other bathroom plumbing fixtures.

It may sound weird, but there’s plenty of finesse to a bidet. For instance, modern bidets have adjustable settings so it doesn’t feel like a cold spurt from a cheap water gun. Other perks of a bidet also include:

  • Improved personal hygiene and cleaning
  • No need for toilet paper = less of an environmental impact
  • Reduced risk of blocked toilets
  • Increased comfort and less skin irritation than toilet paper
  • Versatility as either a standalone bidet or add on bidet toilet seat
  • Adjustable settings for water temperature, water pressure and seat position

If bidet curiosity has got the better of you, contact us today!

Toilets & Cisterns

Toilet disaster. Need we say more? The mental imagery speaks for itself, and we don’t want to see you go through the trauma of dealing with an unsightly mess!

If you need to unblock a clogged toilet, install a new toilet and cistern or require any other repairs, contact Upside Down today. Our technicians are bathroom plumbing experts and have the latest technology and skills at their disposal.

Blocked toilets are one of the most common issues Upside Down deals with and in the worst case scenario, they’re also the least attractive. It’s a job that has to be done, however, and someone has to do it. We’ll happily take the baton (or plunger) from you, and fix any issue such as:

  • A blocked toilet
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Leaking toilet or leaking cistern
  • Toilet and cistern installation, including concealed cisterns
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Water continuously running in the toilet

For us, the job is always much more than a simple plunge. We’re toilet plumbing specialists and will always provide a long term solution for your dunny, rather than a quick fix. No matter the problem, our Upside Down plumbers have the knowledge and also the skills to get your toilet fixed in no time.

Leaking Taps

We’ve all ignored a leaking tap or two – maybe you’re doing it right now – but trust us. It’s better to act fast. Dripping taps waste water, cost you money or could be a sign of a more serious plumbing problem.

Usually the cause of a leaking tap is simple – a worn out washer or part. However, a quick part replacement doesn’t always solve the full issue. A few months down the track you have to do it all over again as well. On the other hand, Upside Down will provide you with a thorough service that fixes leaking taps at the root of the problem, not just the surface.

Likely reasons for a dripping tap are:

  • Worn out washers
  • Loose O-rings
  • Damaged pipes
  • Worn seals
  • Valve seat corrosion
  • Natural wear and tear on old tapware
  • Water pressure that’s too high
  • Loose parts, or incorrect installation

The issues above may appear in isolation or together. Whatever the reason, our experienced plumbers will inspect any leaking tap, find the cause, and provide full service and repairs as well. We also supply our own range of tapware and vanities (if needed) for replacement and installation. In addition, we can install new fixtures that you provide.

A leaking tap might seem trivial, but it might the sign of a much bigger bathroom plumbing problem than you anticipated. So the next time you have a leaking tap, contact Upside Down.

Bath Installation

If you’re building from scratch or looking to replace an existing bathtub, Upside Down can take care of the heavy lifting with our bath installation services.

Precision and accuracy are important for a watertight, level bath, and our plumbers will scrub up to get your tub up.

You might not think there’s not much that goes into installing a bath, but we’d beg to differ. Firstly, you’ll need to ensure all the measurements are accurate. You’ll want everything to be sealed up correctly to prevent water damage as well. Meanwhile, we haven’t even touched on making sure the plumbing is all up to scratch.

Don’t risk your bathtub being a dud. Contact us today to organise bath installation. Upside Down has bathroom plumbing experts ready to install your bathtub.

Shower Installation

There’s nothing appealing about a shower with poor water pressure, which is just one of many problems you could encounter.

Leaking shower heads, poor waterproofing and a blocked drain all cause headaches. We’ll be your medicine, transforming any shower from irritating problem to relaxing retreat. From shower repairs to full installation, our services include:

  • Shower repairs and leaks
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Brand new shower installations (from installing a drain to fitting shower screens)
  • Shower head replacement
  • Waterproofing and tile replacement
  • Shower pipework

That’s a lot, but we can also do so much more!

On the surface, down the drain, inside the wall – it doesn’t matter where. Our plumbers also have the best equipment available so we can find and fix the problem. Our Upside Down vans stock tap fittings and shower heads as well. In other words, if you need an emergency bathroom plumbing replacement, we’ll have the parts on hand, so you won’t be waiting around for parts to be supplied.

Bathroom Plumbing FAQs

Bathroom plumbing is the hot and cold water delivered to various fixtures. These include:

  • Toilet and cistern
  • Sink
  • Bath tub
  • Shower
  • Bidet
  • Taps

How these all connect is critically important and it can get complicated, fast. That’s why we recommend using a licensed plumber, before it turns your day Upside Down!

In addition to handling incoming water, your bathroom plumbing must be able to handle a large amount of waste as well. This is taken care of by two components – the water supply and the drain-waste-vent system.
Water is supplied to your home and then forks off. One fork carries cold water and the other goes to your hot water system to provide your home with hot water. Hot and cold water is distributed to the various fixtures across your home.
Waste is collected by the drain-waste-vent system and is carried to a sewer or septic tank. Gases are released through exhaust sewer pipes and out of your roof to allow waste to move freely through the system.

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