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RCD Switches

If you’re facing potentially dangerous electrical hazards at home, it’s best to call Upside Down. Our fully qualified electricians are available for professional RCD safety switch installation.

RCD Safety Switches: Protecting Your Home

The purpose of an RCD switch is to keep you – and your family – safe. This simple device protects people from electric shock with a rapid response to unsafe changes in an electrical circuit.

Also known as a residual current device, RCD safety switches shut off your power supply within 0.3 seconds when a change in the electrical circuit is detected. This ensures that wayward currents do not lead to electric shock when someone makes contact with faulty electrical appliances, wiring or power outlets.

Located on your switchboard, all safety switches must be managed and looked after. That’s why a licensed electrician is necessary for ongoing support. If any concerns are noticed, faulty wiring can be repaired, while any issues with connected appliances can be addressed.

Any domestic installation must have at least one safety switch on the switchboard. Meanwhile, if your home was built before 1991, you may not be protected. You could be at risk of serious injury or even a household fire. That’s why your local Upside Down electrician is ready to jump in to prevent any electrical accidents.

We deliver reliable electrical services, repairs and installations. Our team is available 24 hours a day and can often deliver same day services for ongoing safety. So if you’re dealing with any electrical woes, contact Upside Down today.

Licensed RCD Installation

The most important part of any electrical installation is that your electrician is licensed. Therefore, you remain confident that everything is regulated and certified when having a RCD switch installed.

Safety switches are a necessary protection device alongside circuit breakers that protect the public from short circuits and current overloads. You have peace of mind and ongoing safety reassurance with residual current devices. 

Safety switches will be installed on a switchboard, while there are also inbuilt options for power points and some appliances. Each safety switch will have a test button, allowing you to regularly test and check your RCD protection.

However, if you are in doubt about the safety of your electricity supply, you can always contact Upside Down. We operate throughout Australia with a qualified electrician in your area. This means we can deliver quick service for your benefit. 

And whether it’s a circuit breaker installation, RCD installation or switchboard service, Upside Down is here. Allow us to manage and maintain your electrical systems with safe and reliable services. You’re in safe hands with our licensed electricians.

Switchboards and Home Electrical Safety

Everyone should be protected from sudden electrical surges, electrical fires and electrical shocks. That’s why electrical switchboard safety is of the utmost importance.

It’s possible for faults to occur with poorly installed wiring, or wires that have been chewed through by rats and other small animals. This can cause circuit breakers to trip, wiring to short circuit, or for RCD devices to trip. 

A once-off occurrence may not be something to worry about. However, recurring switchboard issues need to be addressed. That’s why it’s always helpful to be constantly monitoring your switches and fuses. 

Take the time to test a safety switch by pressing the ‘T’ button. If it does not trip then you can pick up the phone and book your local Upside Down electrician. Do not hesitate to call our team if any household appliances, power points or light switches are also causing issues.

Upside Down is here for you. We will fault find any electrical circuits to uncover any problem. And with every electrician arriving in a fully stocked van, we will repair any electrical fault on the spot. You can rest assured that Upside Down is delivering a long lasting solution for you.

Interest Free** RCD Safety Switches

The ongoing maintenance of electrical protection devices is something you can do in conjunction with your local licensed electrician. 

Upside Down is here to support you, whether it’s the installation of new RCD switches on a pre-1991 switchboard, or RCD safety switch testing and fault finding. Whatever the task, our team is available.

Issues with safety switches may be caused by a temporary fault or serious problems with active wires or neutral wires. If an imbalance occurs, contact Upside Down for your friendly licensed electrician. We can even often have someone at your door within the hour* for installation and repairs.

Not only that, but we can pair your RCD safety switch services with an interest free** payment plan for eligible customers. Select a plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. This means any unexpected repairs can easily be managed with comfortable weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, depending on your choice of provider. There’s no lump sum to worry about. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Your technician can take you through the simple application process on site. Approval usually takes only a few minutes.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). Upside Down is available for all your domestic electrical needs. We are your local, friendly team for reliable fixed RCD protection at home. 

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RCD Switches FAQ

Do you have any questions about RCD switches? We answer all your questions here.

RCD (Residual Current Device) switches are electrical safety devices that are legally required to be installed in all Australian homes built from the year 2000. They are essential in preventing electrocution, power shocks and electrical fires.

RCDs continuously monitor the electric current that travels through the circuit it is protecting. As soon as a RCD detects a leakage to earth (e.g. when a person touches a live part), a correctly functioning RCD “trips” and shuts off the power to the circuit in milliseconds. The main application is to prevent electrocution but RCDs are also used to protect equipment, especially against fire.

What exactly causes an imbalance in a circuit? There are several reasons why your RCD switch can trip, including:
  • Overloaded power outlets or power boards
  • Faults in the wiring
  • An appliance fault (fridge, oven, charging cable etc)
  • Wiring impacted by leaking pipes, a leaking roof or other water leakage
  • Defective or faulty safety switch
  • Lightning strike causing a power surge

When a RCD switch does go off, try turning the power back on at the switchboard. If the power stays on, all is good. If you can’t turn it back on, further investigation is needed. A faulty appliance or damaged wiring could cause your switch to trip. A fix may be as simple as replacing an appliance. If not, call a professional electrician at Upside Down.
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