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Electrical Safety

We take electricity for granted and it's easy to forget how dangerous and destructive it can be. Upside Down is here to lend a hand with safety switches, surge arrestors and even smoke alarms.

Safety Switches

Avoid the possibility of electrocution with RCD safety switches. They stop electricity flowing in under a second!

It's standard these days to have RCD safety switches installed in your switchboard to cut out faster than the blink of an eye when there's a short circuit.  Back in the day lighting circuits often didn't have this safety switch installed, so it's a good idea to have this checked out and get an upgrade if necessary. And it's well worth it to have these vital switches regularly tested.   They not only stop you getting zapped, they protect against faulty appliances and electrical fires.

Smoke Detectors

No smoke detector, no insurance. Apart from keeping you safe from house fires, there is also this little incentive.

Smoke alarms that just have batteries are only OK if that's what you've always had. Buy a new house and you'll find that old battery smoke alarms don't meet regulations and have to be hard wired. It's a simple job that absolutely has to be done to protect you, your family and your home. And even if you do have smoke detectors wired in, they don't last forever and need attention some time. Upside Down can sort it out for you in no time.

Surge Arrestors

Protect your valuable electronic equipment with a surge arrestor.

Lightning only needs to strike once to set off a surge of electricity that is more than your precious computer can handle. Surges can happen for other reasons but can be kept at bay by surge arrestors that prevent excessive voltage damaging your gear. Upside Down knows all about surge arrestors and which one is best for your circumstances.

Power Outages

Power outages aren't always down to the electricity grid coming to a halt in your area. Sometimes it's just you.

When your power suddenly goes out and the neighbours aren't affected, it's time to check the switchboard. Your electricity has several circuits so if, say, a kettle goes haywire only the switch for that particular circuit turns off. You shouldn't be plunged into darkness all over the house. If you are, it's time to call in the experts at Upside Down to fix up the problem.

Electrical Safety FAQs

Yes, the building code in Australia requires all new homes from 1997 have a hardwired smoke alarm. Beyond this, each state has its own requirements and preferences for the types and location of your smoke alarms.

RCD safety switches react to imbalances in your electric circuit and shut off power to your switchboard. There are a number of causes that might cause it to trigger:
  • Overloaded power outlets or power boards
  • Faults in the wiring
  • An appliance fault (fridge, oven, charging cable, etc)
  • Wiring impacted by leaking pipes, a leaking roof or other water
  • Defective or faulty safety switch
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Where we are?

Upside is located throughout Australia. You’ll find our expert tradespeople operating in capital cities and major metropolitan areas. Call now to find out more.

Areas Covered:

  • Adelaide
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