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Split Systems

Upside Down heating and cooling technicians are specialists in split system air conditioner installation and repairs. We'll look after your home with complete climate control services.

Top Level Split System Installation Services

Split system air conditioning units are a great way to beat the heat in summer and stay warm in winter. You can control your climate with the single push of a button. How good!

Upside Down heating and cooling technicians are specialists in split system air conditioner installation and repairs. We are proud to be your local experts for repairs, maintenance and installations.

Split systems are designed to heat or cool a specific space at home. They're easy to use and incredibly efficient. Each unit runs on its own circuit for temperature independence, and everything can be controlled with the press of a button. It's the perfect option for any home.

If you're after professional split system repairs, Upside Down is here for you. We're proud to be your local experts, and are always on call. Fast and reliable emergency repairs are always within reach.

What is a split system air conditioner?

A split system AC is a heating and cooling system made up of an internal unit and an external unit. The outdoor unit is also known as the condenser, while the internal section is the wall-mounted split system that most people recognise.

Other names for it are ductless AC and reverse cycle air conditioning. These units are ideal for heating or cooling specific rooms. Multi-head systems allow for several internal units to be connected to one outdoor unit, but each one runs independently.

The separate units can come in different sizes to suit the room in question. Split systems are easy to install in most homes. They are non-invasive as they are not ducted, which also makes them easy to maintain.

Upside Down technicians are familiar with all the name brands, including Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, Rinnai and Mitsubishi, and a wide range of kilowatt outputs is available.

Get the Most Out of Your Split System

Many people believe you don’t have to look after an air conditioner once it’s been installed. That’s a mistake. Every AC unit needs annual maintenance and regular cleaning.

Reverse cycle air conditioners often need the most attention due to their year-round usage. There is consistent air circulation as people use their split system for heating and cooling. As a result, dust builds up in filters, parts wear down and vents get dirty.

If your system is not properly serviced or cleaned, it will not function as efficiently. Upside Down offers a complete range of services, including:

  • Assessing refrigerant gas levels/regassing if necessary
  • Filter cleaning
  • Testing thermostat performance and accuracy
  • Fault finding and repairs
  • Outdoor unit cleaning
  • Replacement and installation services

Our fully licensed and qualified air conditioning experts can answer all of your questions and deliver on service when it comes to split system maintenance.

Our interest free** payment plans

When it comes to heating and cooling, whether it’s an annual service or an emergency repair, it can often happen at an inconvenient time.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Our technicians offer faster service within the hour*, all day on any day – including public holidays – at the same rates. And you pay by the job, not by the hour.

To suit your budget, we offer interest free** payment plans to eligible customers. Your technician can take you through the easy application process. Approval usually takes only minutes.

Upside Down is partnered with two interest free** payment plan providers – Humm and Zip. You can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on the provider you choose. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront. It's the perfect solution to ensure you have an air conditioner for a summer heatwave.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Sourcing professional air conditioning services has never been easier. Upside Down delivers the best of the best when it comes to split systems. We are here for you, 24/7. Call now and put us to the test.

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Split System Air Conditioners FAQ

Looking for the best air conditioning system for your home, but first want to know more about split system units? Hopefully this will help.

A split system air conditioning unit is one that is ‘split’ into two major components. One is an inside unit that draws in heat; the other is an outside unit that cools and fills the indoor unit with cold air. A licensed plumber drills a small hole in the wall and feeds through insulated tubes that join the indoor and outdoor units together.

Choose between a single or multi-split system.
  • A single split system operates within one room, and may be best suited for smaller living spaces for optimal effect
  • A multi-split can be installed in up to five zones within the house
Some split systems only provide cooling; for heating and cooling you’ll specifically need a reverse cycle split system.

The biggest advantages of having a split system air conditioner in your home is that they are easy to install, deliver effective heating and cooling, offer excellent energy efficiency, provide a superior level of control, and - at least indoors - are renowned for their quiet operation.  The most notable drawbacks are that they can be expensive to buy, need frequent cleaning, and can be relatively noisy around the outdoor unit.

The size and output of the split system you install will largely depend on a number of factors; the size of the room, whether there’s any insulation in the ceiling or wall, your geographical location, and the orientation of the room.  As a rule of thumb, use this as a guide:
  • 2.6kW unit for a 10m2-20m2 room
  • 3.5kW unit for a 20m2-30m2 room
  • 5-6kW unit for a 30m2-45m2 room
  • 7-8kW unit for a 45m2-65m2 room
A licensed air conditioning installer from Upside Down will be able to discuss your options to determine the best one for you.   
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