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Space Heaters

Compact and highly convenient, space heaters offer the perfect heating solution for single rooms and small living areas. Upside Down can install and maintain any space heater for your benefit.

Convenient Warmth from Space Heaters

An important consideration when deciding on the best heating solution for your home - or even just a room in the home - is its size. Space heaters make for the perfect option for heating single rooms without the need for a full ducted system installation.

They’re ideal for everyone from students looking for additional comfort in their bedroom while they study, to renters who may not have reverse cycle air conditioning in their home or apartment.

If you’re looking for cost effective, user friendly gas heat services that are perfect for smaller spaces, Upside Down can assist with space heaters that give you the warmth you need when you need it. From supply to maintenance and even 24/7 emergency repairs, we can do it all.

What You Need To Know About Space Heaters

Designed for use in single rooms or smaller living areas, space heaters run on gas, and are flued outdoors. This means any emissions are directed outside and don’t stay within the walls of your home. A space heater can either be portable and able to be put away in the warmer months of the year, or it can be installed in a fixed position.

They offer a cost effective alternative to installing a fully ducted air heating and cooling system, and are available in a vast range of styles, sizes and colours so you’re sure to find the ideal model to suit your living space. 

Upside Down supplies, installs and provides maintenance and repair services for all makes and models, so speak to us about our range of space heaters and other gas wall heater options for your home.

Total Gas Heat Services for Safe Climate Control

As with any major household appliance, especially a heating and cooling system, space heaters certainly benefit from regular, scheduled maintenance in order to maximise their lifespan. Preventative maintenance and servicing also ensures your gas wall heater continues to function efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

Upside Down provides a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services for gas heaters to help you extend its life and ensure continued safety. We can help with:

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Flue checking
  • Thermostat testing
  • Gas pressure and connection checking
  • Making sure all parts and components are working properly

We can assist you with all your gas heat services any time of the day or night. From diagnosing and repairing faults, to identifying potential problems and doing whatever is necessary to prevent them from becoming costly issues or dangerous hazards, we’ve got you covered.

We Are Your Local Specialists for Space Heaters

When you call Upside Down for all space heater-related needs and queries, you can trust that you’ll get the gold standard in service and advice. We’re your specialists for space heaters for a multitude of reasons:

  • Our technical specialists come fully licensed and accredited, and undergo regular training and development to maintain skills and knowledge
  • We’re available 24/7 for emergency servicing and repairs, 365 days a year
  • Need an urgent repair? A technician can be at your door within an hour of your call*
  • We offer convenient interest free** payment options
  • You’ll receive an upfront, fixed-price quote 
  • We charge by the job, not by the hour, and don’t charge extra for weekend, holiday or out of standard business hours call-outs
  • You’re covered by a 12-month workmanship warranty

Upside Down’s installation and repair specialists are covered by full public liability insurance, and will provide you with a certificate of compliance upon completion of all work, ensuring you’re protected and all work is completed to strict safety and quality standards.

Our Interest Free** Payment Terms

For many people who enquire about flued gas heater installation, cost is often a factor that comes up in the conversation. Thankfully with Upside Down, you can enjoy the benefits of interest free** payment plans for eligible customers that offer the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment options. Choose a payment plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

We service and repair space heaters across Australia, so there’s almost certainly an Upside Down technician near you. Contact us online or give us a call any time, day or night.

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Space Heaters FAQ

Do you have any questions about space heaters? We’ve got all of the answers you’re after.

A space heater is a small, gas-operated heater installed in a single room and flued to the outside. Some are portable to store away in summer, while others are fixed in place. They are economical to run and come in a range of sizes and designs, so there’s bound to be one to suit every home.

Using an energy efficient space heater is one of the cheapest ways to heat a room or living space. A gas space heater can have low running costs and provide room-filling heat, making it a highly desirable appliance.

All indoor gas heaters require a flue so that carbon monoxide is vented outside. Burning gas creates this harmful by-product, and a chimney-like flue will remove it from a home so you don’t breathe it in.

Yes, space heaters are safe to run if consumer safety standards are followed. Safety issues arise only when space heaters are not used properly or in a safe manner. The top causes of space heater fires are:
  • Operating a space heater too close to flammable items
  • Running space heaters unattended
  • Operating a fuel-burning space heater with a dirty chimney
There are two main types of space heaters: electric space heaters and fuel-burning space heaters. Different safety standards apply to each type. Speak to a heating and cooling professional at Upside Down for further advice.
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