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Smart Appliances

Upside Down delivers quality installation services for your smart appliances. Whether it's a smart fan, smart fridge or smart doorbell, we're here for you.

Smart Lighting

Do you need the extra help of lights turning on in the morning to wake you up?

Or perhaps you just want an easier way of turning on all the lights in your home without having to run from room to room. Smart lighting might be exactly what your home is missing.

While a level of lighting customisation already exists, smart lighting gives you all of this plus more. In addition, it's just a tap of a finger or a voice command away. From dimmable lighting, to smart light bulbs with up to 16 million colour options, smart lighting can create any mood in your home.

Upside Down smart appliance experts who can enlighten you about the best smart lighting options for your home. We install smart downlights, Wi-Fi light bulbs, smart lamps, and much more as well. Whether you want smart lights from Yeelight or Philips, our qualified electricians are able to install and service your smart lighting.

Smart Fans

Smart ceiling fans are a great addition to your home’s climate control system – they can turn on automatically when your room reaches a particular temperature, or just at a certain time of day.

Moreover, pairing this with your air conditioner can actually lower your energy bills. Well-timed fans can also allow your air conditioner to work at a higher temperature while still keeping you cool. Smart fans can help you optimise this for the best results.

Our Upside Down electricians can fit your home with new smart fans which connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or they can upgrade your old-school ceiling fans to have smart capabilities as well. Our fully qualified electricians can work with a variety of brands including:

  • Sonoff
  • Z-Wave
  • Hunter
  • Brilliant
  • Bahama
  • And many more!

For more information on what smart fan would suit your home, contact Upside Down.

Smart Fridges

Doing the weekly shop and not sure if you’ve got milk at home? Just use your smart fridge’s internal camera to check for yourself on your phone.

Not sure what time the school concert starts? No worries, your smart fridge is Wi-Fi connected and can sync all your family members’ calendars in one place.

Stuck on what to cook for dinner? Some smart fridges even have an app that will suggest recipes based on the contents of your fridge!

Have a skilled Upside Down electrician install a smart fridge for your home to experience an elevated kitchen with smart appliances. Our team can install any smart fridge brand, including Samsung and LG.

Smart Air Conditioning

Upside Down electricians can install and service smart air conditioners including:

  • Smart split system air conditioners
  • Smart ducted air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi air conditioners
  • Automated air conditioners

Set up a smart air conditioner control to automatically turn on just before you get home from work to cool your home down or when your home reaches a particular temperature. Combined with smart fans, you can chill out in the summer with your home’s smart climate control without breaking a sweat.

Interest Free** Smart Homes

Whether you’re after the Apple home kit, Google home automation or any other smart home hub, Upside Down has local expert electricians who can prepare your home for a connected future.

There’s no one smart system to rule them all just yet, so having a qualified electrician help set up the individual smart appliances can be a major help. Upside Down electricians can install and service smart:

  • Lighting
  • Fridges
  • Fans
  • Air conditioning
  • TVs
  • Dishwashers
  • Plus much more!

Make the smart decision and discuss the best options for your home with our expert electricians.

Don't forget that Upside Down offers a range of convenient interest free** payment plans through providers Zip or Humm. You have the choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on your choice of provider. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Your on-site technician can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes. Then Upside Down can get on with fixing or installing your smart appliances.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Smart Appliances FAQ

In a world where pretty much anything can be labelled as "smart", what does this actually mean? Smart appliances are those which can be connected to your devices, usually over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They can be controlled remotely, or have sensors installed so they can turn on and off with certain triggers.

Smart devices, whether they're Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or anything in between, use radio waves to communicate information. Between speaking to your smart appliance and it fulfilling your commands, it goes through a "brain" of sorts. For the Amazon Echo and Google Home, your voice is transmitted to the Amazon and Google server first. Think of the server as a translator for your smart appliance genie. The server interprets your voice command, and then transmits these instructions to your smart appliance and it goes to work. Some smart appliances, such as those which work universally across all smart hubs, use multiple servers!

Smart appliances and homes are becoming more and more pervasive in the everyday home. What many people don't know though, is that an unsecured smart home is an open door to your private information and details. Luckily, it's easy to secure your smart appliances. Here is what you need to do:
  • Create a strong password.
  • Change the default name and password of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Update the firmware of the router regularly
  • Use a separate Wi-Fi network for your smart appliances
  • Change your router's default name and use a unique password.
  • Select the highest level of encryption – WPA2.

Smart appliances will set you back more upfront than their non-smart counterparts. However, there are a range of benefits that make them worth this additional cost:
  • Energy efficient – appliances collect data and can help you cut back on energy costs by adjusting accordingly.
  • Accessibility – smart appliances can make independent living for the elderly and those with disabilities easier.
  • Safety – you no longer need to wonder if you accidentally left the oven on, just use your phone and remote access and find out for yourself.
  • Security – rather than install a whole separate security system, some smart appliances can be used as a security measure, e.g.: smart lighting timed to turn on at night when you're away on holidays.

Commonly known as a video doorbell, Wi-Fi doorbell, smart doorbell or even a smart doorbell camera, it puts your home’s security at your fingertips. It is a Wi-Fi enabled device that includes motion detectors, a camera and also a speaker. You can remotely answer the door from anywhere, at any time, and record any activity in the camera’s view. To anyone at your door, it’s just like a regular doorbell. You can answer it in person if you’re home, or on your phone or tablet if you’re out.

Smart home automation can run off either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, depending on the product you buy. This provides versatility if you happen to live in an area with poor internet. Upside Down supplies some stock which will pair with your home’s Wi-Fi, such as a smart doorbell camera. Other products like smart lighting or air conditioning commonly use your home’s internet network for the best performance. Through a connection to the internet, smart home systems have access to regular updates and your smartphone - no matter where you are.

Smart Wi-Fi light switches are like a regular light switch, except you can find them on your phone’s smart lighting app, or on a wall-mounted control panel. They use Wi-Fi to control your smart lighting via your home network, turning lights on and off, dimming lights etc. Among other advantages, it means you can arrive home to a well-lit house.

Definitely. Depending on the scale of the system, smart home automation can set your home apart from other houses on the market. This can be a modern home built with smart technology or an older home that has been converted. The value of your home is definitely boosted by having smart security, lighting, heating and cooling, speakers, irrigation and more. At Upside Down, our technicians specialise in smart home automation.
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Upside Down is located throughout Australia. You’ll find our expert tradespeople operating in capital cities and major metropolitan areas. Call now to find out more.

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