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Toshiba, a global brand which leads in various technologies, has changed the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Toshiba Leading the Way

Toshiba, a global brand which leads in various technologies, has changed the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. 

Toshiba air conditioning was the first to make use of inverter technology.

This innovation allows increased efficiency and lower energy use. Toshiba continues to pave the way in regards to inverter technology.

Upside Down heating and cooling technicians are fully trained in installing, repairing and maintaining Toshiba air conditioning products, which are backed by an industry leading seven-year warranty.

Toshiba’s Versatile Range

Toshiba manufactures a broad range of air conditioners to suit the demands of any household.

This versatile selection includes: 

  • Single split system
  • Multi split system
  • Inverter ducted systems
  • Controllers
  • Ducted air conditioners
  • VRF systems
  • Ceiling cassette systems
  • Under ceiling systems

Toshiba’s Popular Split System

Split system air conditioners are among the most popular cooling and heating systems within Australia.

Toshiba Air Conditioning Australia currently has three split systems available. They provide you with the multiple benefits of energy saving, comfort and high power.

The Multihead Split System

Why have one split system when you can have three or more providing warmth and coolness to your home?

Adding another split system to a bedroom or living space can have multiple lifestyle benefits.

Make Upside Down your choice when it comes to installing a Toshiba multi head split system.

Toshiba Inverted Ducted System

Ducted air conditioning expands climate control across the entire home or as many rooms as desired. 

Toshiba’s breakthrough inverter technology delivers powerful performance and efficiency while reverse cycle functionality handles both heating and coolings.

Using zone technology, you can individually manage each room’s temperature so the entire household can experience the ideal climate.

Toshiba T-Zone air conditioning can manage up to 14 zones via a central thermostat. Save money by switching off the air conditioning for rooms not in use.

No Deposit Interest Free Payment Plans**

There’s no need to put off installing or repairing a Toshiba air conditioning system; consider Upside Down’s payment plan offers.

A fixed price quote could be the way to go. Our Upside Down technician can inspect your home, have a chat with you and provide a no obligation fixed price quote.

The best part is potentially Upside Down’s no deposit interest free payment plan**. 

Our heating and cooling technician can take you through the easy steps to apply, and approval usually takes only minutes.

Take advantage of everything Upside Down has to offer:

  • Faster service within the hour*
  • Same rates any day, all day
  • Payment by the job, not by the hour
  • 24/7 availability - including public holidays
  • Fully licensed and certified heating and cooling technicians
  • No deposit interest free payment plan**
  • 12-month comprehensive warranty on all jobs

So don’t hesitate to call Upside Down for all Toshiba heating and cooling solutions.

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Where Are We?

Upside is located throughout Australia. You’ll find our expert tradespeople operating in capital cities and major metropolitan areas. Call now to find out more.

Areas Covered:

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