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Trusted by more than one million Aussies, Chromagen is a leader in energy efficient hot water systems. Upside Down is available 24/7 to install, service and repair these water heating marvels.

Your Trusted Chromagen Experts

Chromagen has more than 60 years of experience crafting smarter, more reliable appliances, focusing on helping homeowners save money on running costs.

And there's no better example than the Chromogen hot water systems.

Whether it's a thermal solar hot water system for harnessing energy from the sun or a heat pump water heater that absorbs heat from the air, the energy efficiency provided by these systems should help reduce the price of your constantly increasing electricity bills.

Best of all, Upside Down is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to install a new Chromagen, provide repairs on your existing model or complete a service, so the system operates at peak and keeps warranties active.

We even offer a range of interest free** payment terms so you can have the work completed today and costs managed at a more suitable rate.

Contact Upside Down today. We're on call to get your hot water the right way up.

Energy Efficient Chromagen Heat Pump

The heat pump is a game changer when it comes to water heating.

The electric hot water system is upgraded with efficient technology that absorbs heat from the air and uses up to 65% less energy than traditional water heaters. That's plenty of hot water day and night with the potential for massive reductions on electricity bills.

It's incredibly useful for homes that need large supplies of hot water, but hate the expenses associated with standard electric systems. And with increasing energy costs across the nation you can really make an impact with the heat pump.

Chromagen Australia produces reliable heat pump water heaters to suit families of all shapes and sizes. There are government rebates available for those who upgrade to energy efficient systems, and Upside Down's plumbers are available for the installation. We'll even remove the old unit from your property and dispose of it ethically.

Just call today and we'll chat to you about all of the options available.

Chromagen Solar Hot Water

Efficient, sustainable and backed by government incentives, Chromagen solar water heaters are game changers.

These glorious systems rely on the unlimited free energy provided by the sun to reduce bills by up to 80 per cent.

That's a huge savings, and there are options to fit a gas booster, so you will always have hot water even if the days are not bright enough for the solar panels. It's the best of both worlds. Installation is easy, and so is the maintenance! Just call on Upside Down for your ongoing servicing and maintenance.

Considering an upgrade to solar? Call now! We'll come out and provide a fixed price quote and explain how solar hot water could help you save money from here on out. You'll end up with a bright outcome no matter the decision.

Interest Free** Chromagen Solutions

There's no shortage of professionals available to take your call, but how many of them can be at your door within the hour?

How many of them even answer the phone?

That's why you need Upside Down. We're a national business with local professional plumbers in your area. We have a team who will always answer the phone and get a tradesperson with you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, are you looking for a new Chromagen installation? Need urgent repairs? Upside Down partners with Zip and Humm to give eligible customers interest free** payment terms on water heaters, repairs and annual servicing. 

Your choice of service gives you peace of mind to have the hot water flowing today and repayments managed at a rate better suited to your budget – while always remaining interest free**.

You have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so there's no upfront cost. Your technician can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes.

Get your hot water system going today with Chromagen and Upside Down.

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