Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Are you considering one of life’s biggest decisions – putting your home on the market?

You might be looking for a change, moving interstate, or perhaps downsizing or upsizing. Whatever your reason for the big move, you know you’ve got a lot of work to do.

A real estate agent will tell you to try to be as personally detached from your property as possible and be prepared to clear out your own memories.

To give you a hand with the selling process, Upside Down has a checklist of renovations, improvements, necessary repairs and general housekeeping matters to keep in mind when preparing for sale and looking for potential buyers.

Pack Up Personal Objects

When packing for a move it’s obvious you’ll be placing all of your belongings into boxes, bags or luggage. But you may or may not be out of the home in time for open inspections. Therefore, you want to de-personalise your home as much as you can when buyers are coming through. It’s time to put away those family photos and other personal items.

Someone looking to buy your home may not have the same taste as you, so remove as many personal items as you can. Put aside your emotional attachment to the home.

If you’re planning on taking window coverings or built-in appliances with you, it’s probably best to remove them before you open your home to potential buyers.

Try a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you can try to look at your home from the point of view of a prospective buyer, consider which rooms could benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

It could be a child’s bedroom which has seen some wear and tear, or perhaps a chance to add colour to the kitchen or bathroom, which always get plenty of punishment from all that steam and regular family traffic.

This is no time to experiment with the most daring shades for this paint job, so stick to a neutral colour scheme such as whites, greys and tans. And if you’re not comfortable with painting, hire a professional. Nothing is worse than a patch job, or a messy effort that leaves dried droplets all over the carpet. Your fresh coat of paint has to be consistent, neat and tidy.

Don’t Ignore Household Repairs

Renovations are a daunting task when house sales are involved. Is the reward worth the investment? There’s a good chance that an upgraded bathroom could increase your property value and its appeal.  It’s equally as important that you tackle necessary household repairs.

Some of it might be as simple as replacing burnt-out lightbulbs or oiling any squeaky door joints, but more serious repairs may also be necessary. You may need to replace cracked tiles, repair leaky taps or unblock drains, any of which could require professional help. Even consider upgrades to key fixtures like the toilet that are otherwise cracked or constant leaking.

No one wants to buy a house with plumbing problems or a leaking roof, so it could make all the difference in reaching your highest sale price. Especially if the potential buyer wants to organise a house inspection that could uncover any hidden issues.

Upgrade Fixtures and Fittings

Similarly to those household repairs, why not consider replacing some of those well-worn fixtures and fittings? You might ignore them while you’re the occupant, but consider the appeal of new door knobs, lampshades, light switches, handles and taps to a potential home buyer.

They’re the features you get used to after years in a home and don’t prioritise. But just think about what you want in a new home, are you paying attention to cupboard handles or tapware? It can make a big difference and makes a good first impression, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re not confident in replacing taps and perhaps a showerhead, it could be time to call a plumber to do a professional job.

Time For a Spring Clean

Of course it’s the obvious thing to do, but some sellers still ignore it.

There’s no better time to give your home a thorough clean to achieve that spotless sheen. There might only be some dust, but dust does tend to stand out to prospective buyers when you’ve opened up all the blinds to let in some natural light for an open inspection. Would you leave dirty dishes lying in the kitchen sink?

This is another area where you may consider hiring professional cleaners to give the lounge room carpets a steam clean or get your bathroom and kitchen really shining. Just remember that bathrooms and kitchens play a big role in a home’s appeal to potential buyers and that’s often where the biggest mess occurs.

Consider Your Street Appeal

You won’t get far in appealing to a good number of prospective purchasers if they are turning away before going through the front door. First impressions are important to a potential buyer.

How does your front garden look? Make sure the lawn is mown and neat. You may need to consider using a landscaper to bring a touch of class by adding shrubs or flowering plants.

Meanwhile, how is the roof looking? You may need to replace chipped and broken tiles or rusted roofing sheets. Blocked gutters are never appealing, so be sure to tackle all roofing and roof plumbing issues.

Finally, think about safety and ease of movement. It could be necessary to fix cracks in your walkway or front steps. You don’t want any visitors tripping over as they walk in to inspect your home.

If it feels as though preparing your house for sale is a bit daunting, don’t worry. With a clear plan of attack you can achieve a fantastic outcome. It may be hard work, but you’ll be ready to present your most personal possession to the world. Then you can create your new dream home elsewhere.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.


Last Edited on: 7th September 2022