Six Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Home Security

How safe is your home when you’re away during the day or for an extended period?

Do you have peace of mind when your family is on a holiday and there’s no one minding your place?

Home security systems have come a long way in recent years, particularly with advances in smart technology allowing you access to your home from your smartphone or tablet. All facets of your security system – locks, alarms, cameras, doorbell – can now be controlled from your mobile device.

So have you kept up with changes to home security? Here are six signs you might need to upgrade your existing home security system.

1. Your Security System Is More Than 10 Years Old

Any security system that is more than 10 years old cannot compete with the level of security which has been introduced by home automation.

Your home alarm system might be connected to a security firm, but that doesn’t give you the satisfaction of being able to control it yourself and actually see what’s going on. A modern security system that uses Wi-Fi can still be connected to a security company and police, but you too will be alerted automatically.

Older home security systems will have significant flaws compared to technology available with a wireless system.

2. You Only Have an Alarm

While an alarm is a handy device when it comes to home security, it is not the main feature any more.

It is useful for alerting the authorities if there has been a security breach, as well as notifying your family if you’ve got the system turned on when you’re home.

But if your alarm system is more than 10 years old, it might be time to consider getting an up-to-date security system. It is now possible for your alarm to be linked with the nearest police station and send updates to your smartphone.

If you have a home alarm system and it’s your only security measure, your home is at risk. For example, if you open your door to a stranger who forces their way into your home, the alarm will not go off.

However, with a smart doorbell you will see who’s at the door and, if the individual looks suspicious, you can refuse to open the door and take action if necessary. Just the thought might inspire you to get your home security system updated.


3. You Arrive Home in the Dark

How safe do you feel arriving home from work or a day out and your home is in complete darkness?

In a fully automated home you have the ability to turn your lights on before arriving at your doorstep.

You can also install sensor lights outside which are motion sensitive and will light up to give you night time visibility when you pull into the driveway. It not only boosts your home security system but you won’t be fumbling around in the dark trying to unlock the front door.

Motion detecting sensor lights will also scare off potential intruders, whether you’re home or not.

4. You Still Use a Key to Unlock the Door

These days old-fashioned house keys are questionable when it comes to home security.

Let’s be honest, keys can be lost, stolen or easily copied, giving potential intruders full access to your home. And keyed locks are not always reliable as they can be picked or broken.

However, digital locks are safer and more secure as they can only be opened with a code or via remote access from a smartphone or tablet.

5. You’ve Done Home Renovations

Changes to your home can make it more vulnerable to intruders. Have you added doors and windows for convenience, or to open your place up and make it look brighter and more accessible? This can also give burglars more ways to get into your home.

Make sure you’ve upgraded your home security system to accommodate those home improvements. How well-lit is the new section? If you have security cameras, are they focused on your new doors/windows?

It’s time to think about updating to a more modern system if renovations have left you more vulnerable.

6. Your Home Security is Still Hardwired

Home security systems have been hardwired for many years. It used to be the only way to set up a security system, and usually only involved an alarm.

However, if your current alarm system is still wired, your home could be at risk. A hardwired security system can easily be exploited by potential intruders, simply by cutting a wire to shut down the entire system.

Wireless technology is now much more affordable, convenient and secure. A wireless security system is much harder to compromise. For the safety of your family and the security of your home, now could be the time to modernise your home security system.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Last Edited on: 17th August 2022