Do Drain Hair Catchers Really Work?

Do Drain Hair Catchers Really Work?

Anyone who has to unclog their shower drain every few months because of built-up hair knows what an unpleasant nuisance it is.

The solution could be to use a drain hair catcher, which is an inexpensive way of preventing hair from making it into your plumbing. The hair collects in the protector instead of getting through the grate and eventually causing clogged drains.

Do shower drain hair catchers actually work? The short answer is yes, but there are different types and brands of drain hair catchers on the market, so it’s worth considering what suits you.
If you are getting your bathroom serviced by a professional plumber, it might be a good idea to get some advice.

Types of Drain Hair Catchers

Essentially there are two main types of drain hair catchers on the market:

  • In drain: These catchers can be installed in your drain. There is a drawback to in drain hair catchers – you can’t see when the catcher is full and needs to be cleaned. It’s a good habit to remove hair after every shower. It is also difficult to use if you have a combination bath and shower as you have to remove the catcher to use the plug.
  • Screen-style: These inexpensive screens cover your drain and require no installation. But beware – since they’re easy to put in, they’re also easy to pull out, and may not stay in place. Because they’re visible, they can be unsightly when full of hair.

Why Do Hair Drain Catchers Fail?

It can be frustrating when hair goes down the drain despite using a shower drain catcher.

Here are some of the reasons a shower drain hair catcher can fail: 

  • Becoming dislodged: Silicone, metal and plastic drain catchers can slide out of place.
  • Wrong size: The catcher may not work if it is too big or too small for the drain. A good fit is crucial to effectively trap hair.
  • Wear and tear: You may not even realise the catcher is broken before a clog forms in the shower or bathtub drain.

Keep hair out of your shower drains

What Are the Best Drain Catcher Brands?

There’s plenty to choose from in the drain hair catcher market.

Home maintenance expert Bob Vila named his recommended drain hair catchers on his website recently, which included various models from Tubshroom, Danco, Lekeye, Oxo, DrainWig, Umbra and Shurin.

Review site Comparabit also recommended shower drain hair catchers from O’Malley and Slip X on its 2021 Top 10 list.

It’s also best to chat to your local plumber as they typically know what’s available locally, saving time and effort.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Prevention is the best way to avoid your shower drain clogging.

Brush your hair before you get in the shower if you have long hair. Using low-oil products on your hair can also reduce the amount of clog-causing grease in the drain.

There are also home-made solutions to keep the drain in operation. Pour boiling water and grease-cutting soap down the drain to break up deposits that may cause a clog.

But to avoid having to use homemade remedies, a reliable brand of shower drain hair catcher could be the best way to keep your water flowing. Or shave off all your hair! Just don’t do that in the shower …

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Last Edited on: 3rd July 2022