Get the Facts: What is Home Rewiring?

Electrical wires coming out of a wall.

Many older houses contain wiring that is not up to present Australian Government standards and is aged and deteriorating.

One of the major causes of house fires is faulty wiring. In reality, it’s actually quite surprising how old some of the wiring hiding behind your walls could be.

If your house is more than thirty years old and still has the original wiring, it is certainly time to upgrade so that your electrical services are safe, efficient and convenient. Even homes built more recently could be in need of rewiring and you may not even be aware of it. There is no one rule when it comes to electrical safety and age will not be the only defining factor.

Signs Your Home Needs Updated Wiring

Flickering Lights

When you have a flickering light bulb you’d typically blame it on the light’s age. It probably needs replacing soon. However, it’s actually a common sign of poor wiring. You might also notice the bulb alternates between being excessively bright or dim because of fluctuations in the power supply.

Circuit Breakers Constantly Tripping

Circuit breakers are there to protect your wiring and appliances. When the current exceeds what the circuit can handle, it’ll cut off the power in order to prevent any damage being done. If this happens too often and the cause isn’t clear, such as a faulty appliance, it means there is a problem with your wiring.

Overheating and Sparking Powerpoints

If your powerpoints are overheating, or sparking, this is a clear red flag. They are a danger to you and your family. Sparks cause fire and overheating sockets can destroy your electrical appliances. A more subtle sign is that your wires or sockets are slightly discoloured or burnt. You may even get a slight electrical shock when plugging or unplugging a power cord. This presents a serious danger, especially if there are small children in the house. When a home is rewired the sockets and the wires that feed it are replaced, so everything works as it should.

Faint Burning Smell

If your wires and sockets are overheating, you may smell a slight burning smell throughout your home. It won’t quite be the same as burnt toast, so if your nose catches a whiff of something odd, you should ask a qualified electrician to check as soon as possible.

Not Enough Powerpoints

This is not so much a warning sign, but an indication that your wiring is simply inconvenient. In an older house there’s a good chance it’s not designed for contemporary living. Older homes lack enough powerpoints, or have them poorly placed. A simple home rewire can solve this. When getting your home rewired you can choose exactly where the outlets go for the most convenience to you, and you can also get sockets with USB and ethernet ports. This will both bring your home into the modern age and vastly improve your safety.

Excessive Electricity Bills

Poor wiring can make power delivery so inefficient that you draw too much power. So if your electricity bills are becoming excessive with no other reasonable explanation, this could be the issue. If the wires are carrying too much power to the outlet and creating spikes and tripping the circuit, this will be reflected on your bill as higher usage and charges. A home rewire may be a serious expense, but it can save you money in the long run.

Benefits of Rewiring a Home

There are numerous benefits to rewiring a home, from safety to increased resale pricing – if that’s something you want to think about.

Poor wiring that is past its useful life cannot be overlooked when it comes to safety within your home. A proper home rewire can combine fresh new wiring with RCD safety switches instead of standard circuit breakers to protect against electrocution and shocks.

Having home wiring up to National Standards reduces both insurance premiums and electricity bills. Quite apart from that, brand new wiring adds value to the worth and sale price of your home. A renovation and fresh paint never goes astray, but don’t overlook a home rewire to boost value. Buyers always check that the wiring is in order. Rewiring is an essential part of bringing your home into the 21st century.

If you believe your home may be in need of an electrical upgrade, or you want to run an electrical safety inspection, give Upside Down a call. We can send out a local electrician to help ensure your home meets all modern standards and see to a wide range of electrical services.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Last Edited on: 8th September 2020