What is a Smart Ceiling Fan?

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How Does it Work?

Curious about how smart ceiling fans work? Don't worry, we won't make your head spin too much with our explanation.

Smart fans are generally controlled by one of two systems – central control or app-based.

Central Control

Central controls are one system to control all the smart appliances in your home, such as your ceiling fans. A wall mounted terminal controls these systems. A smart device can control them as well.

These systems are popular for businesses and up-scale homes and can be quite costly to set up. You are also quite limited in the smart appliances available to you when using a central control system.


App-based systems are great for homes wanting the benefits of smart technology without large upfront costs and limitations. Most apps require your smart fan to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi.

When you use a voice command to operate your ceiling fan, it is also sent to a server. This server is the “brains” of your ceiling fan and interprets your voice command. It then sends instructions back to your fan. This is all done almost instantly!

If you’re just getting into smart home devices, app-based systems are your best place to start. They’re more affordable than central control systems and give you more options.

Smart Ceiling Fan Features

What makes a smart ceiling fan so smart?

Smart ceiling fans have quite a few features going for them.

You no longer need to get up from your comfortable position in bed or on the couch to turn it on or off. All it takes is a simple tap of your finger on a smart device, or even easier, a voice command!

Next on the list is the remote control capabilities. As long as you and your smart fan is Wi-Fi connected, you can easily control your fan from anywhere in the world! Want to turn your fan on before you leave work so your home is cool by the time you get home? That’s no problem for a smart ceiling fan.

Even better, you can set your fan to a timer so it automatically turns on and off at set times of the day. Forgot to turn your fan’s timer off one weekend when you’re on a holiday? Some smart ceiling fans even have occupancy detection that will detect whether or not someone is in the room. This means your scheduled fan will only turn on when someone is in the room!

What if you don’t want your fan to turn on at set times every day? Many smart fans have temperature controls that will automatically turn it on and off for specific temperatures!

Ceiling fans have limited cooling abilities. They are one of the most cost-effective climate control appliances in your home, however. Combine them with a smart air conditioner, and you’ll be reaping the benefits of a highly energy-efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling system.

Can You Make a Ceiling Fan Smart?

So you're a fan for smart ceiling fans, but you like the fans in your home already. What can you do?

You’re in luck. There are devices you can plug in that make dumb appliances into smart appliances!

These devices won’t necessarily work for all ceiling fans, so you’ll need to do your homework and check that everything is compatible.

Interested in talking more about fans? Contact Upside Down and we can help you out!

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