Get Sprung! It’s Spring Service Time


Spring is Service Time

Spring has sprung and it’s warm enough not to use the heater but not hot enough to use the cooler.

It’s the best time of year to have your gas heating serviced or have your reverse cycle heating and cooling seen to. This is not just because you are not using them at this time of year. It’s also because the specialist technicians that service your heating and cooling are much more available in spring. Don’t get caught calling an air conditioner technician when the first heat wave strikes and waiting for days or even weeks! The same applies to your gas heater. When it’s suddenly cold every Tom, Dick and Harry are after a heating technician. It’s much wiser to have things serviced during downtimes.

What should be done?

Here's a checklist of simple things that you can do around the house in spring to help keep things running smoothly.

Clean the filter

All reverse cycle air conditioner and gas ducted heaters have filters that are easy to access. These need to be regularly cleaned so the unit runs at its best. Spring is a great time to give them a proper clean ready for a new season.

Reverse the Fan

You could be one of those people who run the fan on winter mode to enhance your heating. Now is the time to get out the step ladder, get up to the fan and flick the switch to summer mode.

Test Safety Switches

This is a chance to find out if you even have safety switches in your electrical switchboard. They are the ones with a button with a ‘t’ on it. It’s easy to test them. Just push the test button and the switch should go off. If that’s what happens and you confirm the circuit is off, simply flick the switch back on. But if nothing goes off, it’s time to get an electrician in to sort things out.

Change Batteries

Spring is a convenient time to change back-up batteries in your smoke alarms. You might as well renew batteries everywhere such as remote switches and clocks.

Spring Plumbing

Spring is the time to think about watering the garden and checking the pipes outside.

Leaking garden taps are easily missed during the dark days of winter and so are things like leaking hot water systems. Check your garden taps and, if you have to get a plumber in, have them check the pressure valve on your hot water system as well. It has to be done regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Spring Air Conditioning

Sunshine, flowers and a bit of warmth in the air turn your thoughts to... the air conditioner.

With evaporative air conditioners, the time is approaching when the winter cover can come off, the water can be turned back on and you can test the unit to see how things are. If you do it in spring and find any problems, this is a great time to get someone in to get everything working as it should. And if you haven’t prepared the unit for winter, it is most definitely time to clean the sump and the pads.

Ducted air conditioners need more than just the filters cleaned. Over time the ducts accumulate dust and if you want the machine to perform at its best and deliver the cleanest air possible, a duct clean is in order while the opportunity presents itself.

Take advantage of spring and get things serviced ready for summer and the holiday period. You won’t regret not having to call on a technician when things get busy and you just want to relax.

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