A Guide to Severely Blocked Toilets

A Guide to Severely Blocked Toilets

A Blocked Toilet Dilemma

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. The sun’s shining and you’re ready for a quiet brunch, or maybe a hike in the hills. But what you’re not ready for is a blocked toilet.

That’s definitely not on the schedule.

Faced with an overflowing bowl, gurgling sounds, nasty odours and worse, what do you do?!

Sure, there are some quick fixes. A plunger can help. Also hot water and vinegar. But they’re not long term fixes which get to the root of the problem. And that could be a literal tree root.

Therefore, it’s best to call in a professional plumber so you know everything will be taken care of when it comes to bathroom plumbing.

But you don’t have to go in blind. Here are the likely causes of your blocked drain, and the common solutions Upside Down plumbers will provide.

Why is My Toilet Blocked?

It’s super beneficial to know why your toilet is blocked. Is it because of your own personal habits or your partner’s? Don’t forget the children. They love to see what can go down the gurgler. Are old pipes or invasive tree roots the problem?

Here’s why your toilet could be blocked.

Too Much Toilet Paper

How much loo roll are you using? Or your household as a whole – we won’t point fingers.

You should never overcompensate. While toilet paper does break down it can still form hard clumps when mixed with other solids. And too much toilet paper at once is going to build up and block your toilet.

Wet Wipes or Other Unflushables

Baby wipes, wet wipes, sanitary products and diapers should never be flushed. They’re all common things used regularly in your bathroom but they need to go in the bin. Never down the toilet. They might say that they are “flushable” on the label, but we assure you that is a contentious claim.

Moreover, even recyclable, compostable, biodegradable products really shouldn’t be flushed away. Consistently doing so is going to put your pipes under stress they were never designed for. Besides, just think about putting something down the toilet which absorbs liquids. What’s that going to do inside a pipe? Nothing good.

Whatever the Kids Had 20 Minutes Ago

Kids. They love toys and for some reason toilets. Maybe it’s the water, maybe it’s the flusher. Who really knows. But in the end, their toys end up going down the drain. However, unlike Toy Story there is no great escape. Also, we’re stuck with blocked toilets as a result.

Or, maybe an adult’s dropped a ring, phone or something else. Hopefully, we have the common sense not to flush, but accidents do happen.

Tree Roots

A plunger can’t remove tree roots. They’re invasive and stubborn. So when your old pipes develop a crack, those roots march right in, searching out nutrients and water. Thankfully, the good news is this isn’t a dire situation. Solutions are typically simple and effective, as long as you know the problem’s there in the first place.

How do you Unblock a Toilet?

You know the problem is a blocked toilet, but what’s the answer?

Well, you could grab the plunger or purchase a disposable sticker plunger from China or Korea – yep, that’s a thing. We’re just not sure if it’s useful.

Or, call in local expert plumbers from Upside Down.

We find DIY solutions never get to the bottom of a blocked toilet. That’s why we bring in surefire solutions.

It’s the Big Show: Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner

The hydro jet drain cleaner has evolved into the most effective drain clearing tool around. From blocked toilets to blocked stormwater drains, it can take care of anything and everything.

How does it work? Firstly, high pressured jets of water shoot out of a nozzle called the root rat. Secondly, those high powered jets are so strong they can tear apart tree roots and obliterate any other material.

It really is the big show! And while it’s not quite a 7 foot wrestler, it’s still a goliath. Therefore, whenever Upside Down brings in the hydro jet you won’t have to wait long for the blockage to tap out.

Blockages Are History: Electric Drain Cleaning

Also called an electric drain snake or electric eel, electric drain cleaning is a tried and tested solution. At the end of a flexible cable is a cutting tool which spins around and juliennes any blockage in your pipes.

Just imagine if that was a real snake with sharp, venomous teeth spinning around. You would not want to be anywhere near it!

However, the only downside of the electric drain snake is some tougher blockages are too tough. That’s why the hydro jet is the preferred tool. But this still has a place for fixing clogged toilets.

Upside Down’s Long Term Solutions

With a blocked toilet you want to know the problem won’t just come back in a few weeks. Don’t worry!

Pipe relining restores pipes to brand new once the blockage has been removed. That way tree roots can’t wriggle back in, and other flushed products flow away nicely.

In the worst case scenario, we may have to replace old, unrepairable pipes with drainage excavation. While it is more intense, most importantly it leaves you with pristine drains and pipes so you know your toilet is in good nick!

If you have been facing blocked toilets and bathroom nightmares, Upside Down is ready to help out. We’ll say goodbye to bad bowls and dastardly drains and say hello to fantastic flushes.

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