4 Best Reasons to Choose Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Living room with blue couch underneath reverse cycle air conditioning system.

For keeping cool in summer and warm in winter, there’s nothing quite like reverse cycle air conditioning. As a highly effective, year-round climate control solution, it delivers on efficiency, flexibility and eco-friendliness. 

Whether you opt for a ducted or split system reverse cycle air conditioner, the benefits it provides over conventional air con units are numerous. Let’s take a look at four of the most compelling reasons to choose reverse cycle air conditioning to cool and heat your home.  

How Does Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work? 

To understand the benefits of having a reverse cycle air con in your home, it might help to understand how it works. 

A reverse cycle system consists of two key components. There is an outdoor unit, and an indoor unit which is typically wall-mounted or installed in the roof space of your home. 

To cool your home, reverse cycle air conditioning extracts the warmth from the air indoors. With the aid of a refrigerant gas found in the pipes that connect the outdoor and indoor components, that heat then gets sent outdoors. After releasing the heat outdoors, the external unit sends cooled refrigerant back to the internal unit to repeat the cycle. 

Illustration of reverse cycle air conditioning system against green background expelling air.

To heat your home, the cycle is simply reversed as the name of the air conditioning system suggests. A four-way valve which is found in the external component reverses the refrigerant flow and the refrigeration cycle process. This enables the external unit to extract heat from the air outside and send it indoors. 

So what are the key reasons to choose a reverse cycle air conditioning system for your home? Here are four of the best. 

1. They Are Highly Efficient

Efficiency is one of the biggest selling points of a reverse cycle air conditioning system. Instead of having a conventional air conditioner for cooling, and a separate gas or electric powered heater for heating, you can control both with just one system. 

But the efficiency benefits extend beyond mere streamlining of appliances to perform certain functions. A reverse cycle system also offers better energy consumption and more economical running costs than other heating and cooling solutions. Manufacturers are continuing to upgrade the energy efficiency of reverse cycle air con systems as well, so they should only continue to improve. 

2. They Are Cost Effective

Compared to alternative heating solutions, reverse cycle air conditioning systems are more cost effective to run when you want to cool or heat your home. The cost effectiveness of these systems is because, unlike a gas or electric heater, a reverse cycle air conditioner doesn’t produce heat. It merely draws existing heat energy from the air. 

Thermostat showing room temperature of 22.5 degrees celsius.

Choice Magazine published figures showing that to heat small, medium and large-sized rooms, reverse cycle air conditioners were more cost effective than gas and electric-powered heaters of comparable sizes. The cost to heat or cool your home will largely vary depending on factors such as the size of your home, the climate conditions in your region and your existing gas or electricity rates. 

3. Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems Purify the Air

For people who suffer from hay fever and other respiratory conditions, a reverse cycle air conditioner can be a highly beneficial investment in their health and wellbeing. Many models include a built-in filter that purifies the air. 

The fiter collects any dust, pollen and smoke particles in the air that can exacerbate asthma, hay fever and other allergies. With almost 11% of Australians suffering from asthma and an estimated one in five Australians prone to hay fever, the benefits of an air conditioning system that purifies the air cannot be ignored.

4. They Are Safe

When you have kids or pets living in your home, you want heating and cooling options that are safe to use and leave unattended. Reverse cycle air conditioning systems tick that necessary safety box. 

With no exposed elements, fast moving blades or open flames, you don’t need to worry about the kids burning or injuring themselves as you might do with a heater or a ceiling fan. Even when in use, they remain cool to touch, making them a highly favoured option in many Australian homes. 

Consider a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner for Your Home

Sure, a reverse cycle air conditioning system can be more expensive to purchase and install than conventional air conditioners that only offer cooling. However, the many benefits it provides – from the efficiency to the health benefits and even its longevity – make it a worthwhile investment for your home. 

With professional installation by a licensed air conditioning technician, you can enjoy year round climate comfort, no matter what the season. And with so many reverse cycle air conditioning options available, both in ducted and split system models, you’re sure to find one that best meets your needs. 

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Last Edited on: 2nd November 2022